How To Be A Good Teacher

be a good teacher
These days, there are numerous schools around the globe and the schools all need teachers and not just teachers but good one. To get a job as a teacher depends not on how much you really know but depends fully on how much you can really teach. To be A good teacher you should have the ability to impact the lives of your students. That is what I am going to teach you today.

Being A Good Teacher.

For one to be very good in teaching there are certain things that should be considered, read through as I am goin to point out those things below.

Have personal interest in your students.

This is a quality that is very lacking today among teachers. Teachers maltreat students and this makes the students hate the teacher and his/her tutorials. You see that almost every teacher comes to class with cane as if they are rearing animals. Desist from this act if you want to succeed as a teacher. Treat the students as you'd treat yourself. I know you can never flog yourself for not learning a thing so why would you flog your students for not also learning a thing? Having personal interest in your students will help you to calm down and teach them humbly and it will yeild great result.

Don't Rush

I remember how our teachers rush to cover their scheme of work when I was in college. They do not teach you to understand but they teach and rush to make sure they're follwing up to the scheme of work and this was very devastating to the students. And to the teachers, they were tagged "Irresponsible". I know you wouldn't want that for your student and yourself. So calm down and teach to impact knowledge and not to cover material.

Teach Yourself.

The worst thing that can happen to you is if you do not know what to teach. I remember when a techer in our school taught us through his Google. He browsed the topic, and read it directly to us from his phone. We used to laugh at him then and if do not know what to teach, you might also be laughed at by your students. To rememdy this, you need to study hard and read widely because your students might ask you a question on a field you don to specialize on. Study hard and see yourself excelling as a teacher.

Get Good Night Rest

Have you ever heard of a teacher sleeping in class? Sounds funny though. What do you think can lead one to sleeping in class? Well, getting a good night rest is very necessary because it keeps you refreshed the following morning to face the stresses that follows teaching.

Remember Dressing And Grooming

Look nice, Iron your clothes, comb your hair, polish your shoes, brush your teeth, cut your finger nail. This is what you should teach your students and you yourself should pratice it. Don't dress and groom to attract the school managements wrath and don't dress and groom to incure the laughter of your students.

Others Tips To Consider As A Teacher

  • Build mutual relationship with your students.
  • Come to school early
  • Organize free extramural lessons
  • Offer gift to intelligent once.
  • Stir up competitions.

These are the few things that can help one succeed as a teacher even though others are not succeeding in that field.

If you have other tips that helped you succeed, please do state it using the comment box below. If you appreciate this writeup, show it by commenting and endeavor to share with friends.

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How To Buy Cheap Domain Name And Get Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap domain name and cheap web hosting

Dream of every body is to get a cheap service offered to them. Bloggers are not exempted. I know that every blogger will like to look for where to get a cheap domain name and cheap web hosting. To save you the stress of jumping from pillar to post, I did the research myself and I'm going to teach you how.

I found out a Hosting Company Called DreamHost. DreamHost offers the cheapest Domain name registration and cheapest web hosting plan.

What Is DreamHost?

Four friends with a love of technology, open-source software, and a strong desire to help people get online banded together to create DreamHost. Built on open-source technology with a commitment to customer success, DreamHost provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to 1.5 million sites, blogs and applications, and supports over 400,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the power of the Open Web.

Since 1997 DreamHost has over 400,000 customers and still counting and DreamHost hosts over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs and applications.

DreamHost has an ward-winning in-house support staff which is available all day, every day, via live chat, email and Twitter.

Some Of Their Hosting Plans And Prices

Shared Hosting: The popular choice for websites, blogs, and portfolios! It costs $10.95/ month and if you signup for three years you have 20% discount.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Fast and easy WordPress / blog hosting through DreamPress! This costs $16.95/month.

Virtual Private Servers: Perfect for businesses, ecommerce, designers and developers! This goes for $15/month with 1GB RAM

Dedicated Servers: Ideal for high traffic sites, apps, agencies and resellers! Starting from $149/month.

To learn more about their hosting, click on the banner below.


Some Of Their Domains Extensions And Price

.com: this costs $11.95 for registration and to renew, you'll pay $13.95

.net: this costs $13.95 for registrationan and $13.95 for renewal.

To visit the DreamHost Homepage to learn more, click on the banner below. And don't forget to drop your comments especially if you know other Hosting companies that charge cheaper.


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How To Get More Comments On A Blog Post

Get more blogs post comments

When one does not receive ample comments on his or her blog, it might lead to writers block.

Also Read: How To Avoid Writers Block

Many blogs do not receive comments at all. That happened to me in 2015 when I started with www.goldenokey.blogspot.com and latter changed it ngnewslink.blogspot.com. As at then, I wrote about 20 posts a day and none of them received a single comment. And I started to doubt my Google analytics.

Things that can hinder you from getting comments on a blog post

Traffic: When your blog is not exposed, your chances of getting comments will reduce.

Irrelevant Blog Post: When you don't write what is trending or what people don't like, the tendency of getting lesser comments will be there.

Failure To Engage Your Readers: Many people just write a post without being natural. And so the readers wouldn't act naturally by commenting.

How To Verify The Issue.

Now that we've found out some of the problems, let's go straight to how to tackle it.

Traffic: Like I told you earlier, a lot of traffic is needed to increased the chances of getting a comment on a blog post. You can share your posts to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Relevant comments on others blogs with your link to a related post can also drive more comments to your blog.

I answer questions on Quora and help people on Niaraland with a link to a particular blog post.

With this method, my chances if getting comments are improved and you too can do it.

Relevant Blog Post: Write what people likes. If I read a blog post I don't like, I wouldn't even get to the bottom of the post talk more of commenting.

So write posts that are catchy and that keep your readers keep reading. When they get to the end of the post, they might eventually post a comment.

Enage Your Readers: Engaging your readers into a conversation in the most important thing that will give you a comment.

Try to be natural while writing a post as if you were discussing with your readers face to face. Give them the chance to say something.

At the conclusion of every post I write on this post, I normally through a question to my readers that requires their answers. So anyone that reads to that point might likely comment on the post.

I normally ask "What can you say about this post?" "Have you tried it before?" "How did it workout for you?".

So you too can writeup something at the conclusion of your post to engage your readers into a conversation which in turn might result to a comment.

That is how far I can go for today. And I know with this tutorial, you can get ample comments on a blog post.

If you know other means of generating comment s on your blog post you are free to use the comment box below to let me know. You can also try it and show appreciation by writing something in the comment box.

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How To Generate US Address For Online Registrations

There are some certain online registrations that a only meant for those in the United States. While in some other registrations, those in the United States are more privileged. Hence, a U.S address is needed for these registrations.

Some of the registrations include AdSense, Paypal, Payoneer, etc

So in today's tutorial, I will be teaching how one can generate address from the United States because in this case, google cannot help you. There is no how Google is going to give you someone's address. If you doubt me, go search for an address on Google, then return back to tell me your result using the comment box.

How To Generate United States Address

Visit www.shoptomydoor.com

On their home page, a registrations form would be wainting for you there. But if not so, click on the three bars at the top right if your screen and click on join.

How To Register on Shoptomydoor.com

This is very simple.
Just fill in your first and last name.

Your email address.

Your phone number (in international format. Starting without the normal zero).

Your Password which should consist of digits and alphabets and should be at least 8.

Then Verify by retyping some numbers into a provided space.

Click on start shopping.

Alas! You have created your shoptomydoor.com account and you're almost done.

After the registration, you'll be taken to a page and that is where your U.S address is conveyed.

Now check under "My US Address" and you should see your US address.

Once your address is generated, write it down somewhere or take a screenshot.

And you are now set for any online registration that requires a US address.

Note: In any online registration that requires address, You'll be asked to put your zip code and state also.

So to know your zip code for the US address, check the address you've written down, the last digits after a comma is your zip code.

And for your state, the last word before the zip code, is your state.

You're done!

This is what most Nigerian bloggers use in registering for foreign AdSense.

The most interesting part of this game is that it works for two other foreign countries and they are United Kingdom and China.

So To generate address for the rest two go back to that page where you found your US address, click on the United States flag and choose any other country you wish to choose and just above it, your address for that particular country is displayed.

This is how far I can go with this tutorial today.

If you're not fully clarified, or you can't complete the registration from your end, don't hesitate to inform me thought the comment box below. Don't forget to share with your friends because they need it too!

Rock your trick! 
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How To Hide Your Phone Number While Making A Call

Hide phone numbered

So many times you'd wish you knew how to hide your phone number when making a call either to trick your friends, sy in someone or use it to learn of a secret. You are not alone. I felt like that sometime ago and it led me into research and I came back with so many ways to hide your phone number when making a call.

The  research led to 4 methods of hiding your phone number when making a call and they include:

Use of "Caller ID" prefix: This is very simple. It can be used on any phone wether a browsing phone or not. As the name implies, you just have to add a little cde before you dail a certain number.

When making a call dail #31#Recipients Number. You're done. When the recipient receives the call, he or she will see something like "Private Number" or "Unknown ID".

However, some countries do not make use of this code and they are very few in number.
Below are these countries and the codes they use.

HonKong: #133#Recipients Number
New Zealand: *67
Ireland: #141#Recipients Number
United kingdom: #141#Recipients Number
Japan: #184#Recipients Number

This is just all you need to know about about the "Caller ID" prefix method.

Use of iPhone: An iPhone user can simply hide his or her phone number by following the simple procedures below.

  • Go to "Settings"
  • Click on "Phone"
  • Click "Show My Caller ID"
  • Not click on the slider to move it to "ON"

And that's just it. You've hidden your phone number.

Use of Android: This is just as simple as the use of and iPhone. And to accomplish thus task, you need an android phone

  • Go to your "Phone" App.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen.
  • Click "Calling Accounts"
  • Click "Additional Setting"
  • Click "Caller ID"
  • An icon will popup just change it to "Hide Number".

You're done!

Use of Blackberry: BlackBerry phones can also be use to hide your phone number while making a call. And it's very simple too.

  • Go to "Menu"
  • Click "Options"
  • Click "General Options"
  • Look for "Restrict My Identity"
  • Set it to "Always".


Use of Windows Phone: Just as the rest the operating systems (OS), windows phone can also be used when one wants to hide his number.

  • Locate the "Phone" App and click on it.
  • Click on the three dots
  • Locate and click the box under "Show my caller ID to"
  • Click "No One"

And you're done!

This is how far I can go because I think with this writeup, no doubt, you'll be able to hide your phone number while making a call.

This is not new because some friends on Facebook already told me the code when I posted the topic on Facebook.

Is any of this method new to you? Have you know any of this methods before? Do you wish to express your feelings? Do not forget to use the comment box below to tell me about it.
Endeavour to o share with friends too.


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How To Find A Job Easily

Find job easily
In today's world, you only get a job with your experience. And you only acquire experience when you get a job. So you see how hard it is today to find a job. You might have done everything within your reach to find a job but job is not forthcoming. Don't give up, just try the few tips that I'll will share below that shows you how to find a job easily 

1) Write a killer CV: Your CV talks for you before you are even invited for an interview in a company. Hence a good CV is required to create the first impression because it is said that first impression matters. I have a post that shows you how you can write a killer CV (Get it here).

2) Take the initiative: Survey shows that 80% of vacancies are never publicized, and those that are  publicized attracts hundreds of applicants. Therefore, do not wait for jobs to come to you! Do not wait till jobs are advertised! Go out and grab jobs! You could do this by compiling a list of companies you think would be possibly hiring. Send your Killer CV and a covering letter directly to the HR manager or other senior contact. 

You could also check if the company has a blog and you follow up that blog. You could also look for their Facebook pages and Twitter handles, like and follow them on social media. 

3) Refine your social media profile: Jobs are hard to find. Potential employers might want to know the kind of person they are hiring and might want to read more about you on social media. Make your you complete your profile on Facebook and other networks. And also make sure you use your real names because using names such as "itz so so so and so, badest boy, coded boy etc" might create a wrong impression.

4) Get extra skills: It might possibly be that your can't find jobs because your qualifications aren't strong enough. If you have money and time, it would be wise to take extra qualifications. You could consider taking extra diploma programs or going back to college or university or take out a career development loan to help finance an evening class or training course.

5) Talk to others: You might belong to organizations or you might have a friend but you might not know that these people has connections that can actually get you this job you are looking for. So always to to people about what you want perhaps, you might find a job doing so.

6) Stand out: There are thousands of people out there competing the same vacancy with you. These people might even be better than you are. My Dad always tell me that one succeeds not because he was born with success but because  he thought ahead of his contemporaries. Think of a way you can stand out. You might actually send greeting crads to The firm you are about to send your CV. Once your CV gets after your greeting card has been sent, you might be recognized. Apart from this think of other ways you can stand out.

7) Never Give Up: These three words can keep one young. You may have sent hundreds of CVs to hundreds of firms but none has invited you for an interview and this must be very down hearting that it might spur one not act anymore. But keep on trying, who knows which one will call you up.

Remember that what you need firstly is for your leg to step into the office for an interview. So whenever you're called up for an interview, make sure you show them that you are qualified for that position in that firm.

Getting a job is hard though. But follow the above tutorial and see what happens.

If you know other things one can do to ease him in finding a job or if you want to talk more on what I've written already, please do make use of the comment box below. And do not forget to share with all your friends who are looking for job.
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How To Write A Good CV

write good cv

A good CV is very important because a good CV speaks for you before you're even invited for an invitation.

Many has the knowledge, the skill and what it takes to get their desired jobs but due to a poorly written CV, potential employers will ward them off.

Today I will teach you he you can write a good CV - one that will entice your employer at once and give you a chance for an interview.

A CV has the British type and the American Type. The British type is the accepted type here in Nigeria.

Writing a good British CV

There are few things to consider when writing your CV.

1. Personal Information
This is where you write your name, your address, telephone/ mobile number, and your email address. While writing your personal information, you can choose to omit the labels.
Example: Name: HowWriter. Just write HowWriter and move on. Do not include the label. And while writing your personal information, do not include your age, your marital status, your race or nationality and do not send a photograph unless you're asked to do so.

2. Profile And Oblectjve
Some people omit this feature. But for your CV to be really good, thus should be present because they give the employer an idea of your personality.
Objective: To find a role in a TV company  that will help me acquire more skills required for a career in television.

Profile: A fresh graduate  with a but of work experience in the movie industry.

So include these features and see the miracle.

3. Education.
You need to put your qualifications because employers would want to know your qualifications before calling you up for an interview. Put the most recent qualifications first. Also add prizes and awards won. Omit your primary school qualification.

4. Work Experience.
Every firm would want to employ an experienced person. But how will you be experienced if you've not been employed? Well, to help you out, you could use everything you know as experience. You could put your 1year service as a corp member and some other little experices you've got. And while writing, you should write more about your most recent post.

5. Skills
This is your practical abilities. This includes the languages you can speak and understand, exams passed, etc. You are free yo write more in this column if you're really experienced.

6. Interests
This should be short so that you don't encumber the employer with your interests. Include sports, a creative and a community activity. Avoid  ambiguous subject like reading and travelling because the employer doesn't care.

7. References
Write down the names, titles, phone numbers, addresses of your referees. It could be written on a separate page. Inform anyone you want to use as referee before writing he or she as your referee.

Other things to consider
  • Make your CV so adaptable so as to fit in yo the job you're applying for.

  • Make sure your CV is very short. At most two pages

  • Present yourself positively and accurately.

  • Make your CV attractive and easy to use.

  • Make use of Capitals, Spacing and underlining, bold type.

  • Write with fonts such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial. And use at least 10pts.

Follow the above tutorial and your CV can be tagged a s being good.

Have you written yours using this tutorial? Do you know of other things to include in your CV to make it good? Inform me using the comment box below and help me share with friends.
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