How To Merge Two Facebook Pages

Do you know what I mean by the term "merging two Facebook pages?" whether you do or you don't, continue reading.

Merging two Facebook pages means bringing together two Facebook pages to form one.

One of the benefits of merging two Facebook pages is that it helps  you to Gain more likes. Assuming you have two Facebook, one has 500 likes and the other has 400. When you merge the pages together, it becomes one page with 900 Likes. Amazing huh? It sure is.

But when merging those pages, there are requirements you have to meet. And they are:
1. You have to be the admin of both pages.
2. Your pages has should represent one thing and should likely have similar names.
3. If there are physical locations on your pages, then they both should be the same.

If you met the above requirements, then you are good to go.

How to merge your pages

1. Go to

2. Select the two pages you want to merge and click on "continue."

3. Now click on "request merge".

If it doesn't work, you know that your page is not eligible to be merged. But if it works, then you'll have to wait for Facebook to review your request.

When its done, posts, reviews, used usernames would be deleted from the page you merge. But the page you want to keep will remain unchanged.

Once the merging is done, it can never be unmerged and the page you didn't keep will disappear from Facebook forever.

Now try it and whatever the result, use the comment box to inform me. If you've got questions also, let me know through the comment box.