How To Defeat Writers Block

how to defeat writers block
Are there times when you feel like you're about to quit writing? Or you feel that your writing job is unproductive? Or you feel that you no longer know what to write about? If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, you are experiencing "writers block". But I'd like to commend you first of all for being able to write on your own without copying other peoples work. And I'll also like to let you know that you're not alone. I myself has experienced it many times and I'm going to show you what I do to defeat writers block. Just keep reading.

At a time in my writing job, I asked my self "Was my writing really influencing my readers?" To find the answer to that question, I took a survey. I asked some of my readers what they felt and the answer I received was discouraging. At a certain time also, I didn't know what to write so I started looking for things to do to overcome what was happening to me.

How I Eventually Defeated Writers Block
There were certain things I put into consideration then. And they are: 
  • My passion and ability: Let's assume that Mr. ABC knows how to cook and he has passion for cooking but "Fashion and Design", are not for him. Now Mr. ABC takes up a writing job precisely a "Fashion & Design" writing job. Do you think he will succeed? Your answer must be "No". That was what happened to me earlier. But I found out what I was really good at and started writing about it. You too can do it to defeat writers block.
  •  Environment: Another thing to consider is the environment in which you write. And I myself did just that. I found out that I lived in an environment where I had little or no time to concentrate. So I did something about it which I'll tell you later. You too can change your environment if you figure out that your environment is not OK for writing.  
  • Writing time/period: This is the hour you find more convenient to be focused. I myself found out that I live in a mad environment so I chose night hours. And you know what? Writing at night rocks! Whenever I feel dizzy at night, I'm Inspired to write and what to write hits my mind at such hours. You too can write at night but if not, find out hours that you are likely to be more focused and write at those hours. It will help you to defeat writers block. 
  • Go back to written articles: There is nothing bad in rewriting what you've written already. But this time around, let it be as if you're updating the article. Bring out the sailing points in such articles and repackage them. This is what I do sometimes and its been helping. You too can be helped!  
  • Read widely: It is said that "Learning never ends". And I believe it. It'll be good for you to read other articles whether offline or online to know what others are writing and how they are writing it. This will help you know what to write. But this does not mean that you are going to copy what others have written already rather, this will help you get the sense of what others have written and how you can write yours.  
Others things to consider to enable you defeat writers block.  
Avoid error in grammar because your readers won't be pleased to see such. Even though your are making sense, one error in grammar will ward them off. 
Avoid copying from others because your readers will see your blog/article as a dustbin where already read posts are dumped. 
Stay healthy because health is wealth. Only a healthy person can write. 
These were the things I did and you too can do them to defeat writers block. Its now your turn. Tell me if you know other things one can do to avoid writers block. If you've still got questions, inform me using the comment box below. Endeavor to share with your friends.